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What is a McRescue?

A McRescue is an individual or a group who call themselves a ‘rescue’ but they are not following ethical rescue protocols.

Why the term ‘McRescue’?

McDonald’s is the opposite of wholesome, nutritional foods. It’s fast food. It’s meant for convenience and is characterized by quantity, not quality. McRescues are the opposite of legitimate, ethical rescues. They are the fast food version of real rescues, they cut corners to save time. McRescues only rescue when it is convenient and easy and they strive for quantity at the sacrifice of quality. They have ‘products’ that people want so rely on impulse buyers. They are not transparent with their practices and protocols. McRescues are also known as ‘brokers’ or ‘shufflers.’ The negative impacts fall directly onto the dogs they claim to be helping.

What kinds of protocols do legitimate rescues follow?…Read More

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