The Right Boxer, The Right Home, Loved Forever.

Transport Team

Transporting is the first step to getting our sweet Boxers into their loving foster homes.

Volunteer Dogs TransportDo you love to take road trips? Would you like a great co-pilot who will smoother you with loving kisses for helping them.

Transporting is a very crucial part of rescue. By joining our transport team you would be taking part in helping move a dog from a bad
situation, dumped at a shelter or an owner surrender to it’s foster home.

Transports can be short such as 45 min or up to 8 hrs long. On longer trips we break it into section or legs and a Boxer relay is in play. You decide how far you are able to take and then the next person you hand off to does their section. It is this great team work that helps us get each pup to safety.

You will get to meet all the other wonderful volunteers helping out with the same purpose in mind. To save boxers.

All you need is a reliable car and the desire to help a Boxers on its freedom ride.


Transport Application


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