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The Holiday Joy Of A Bouncing Boxer


Happy Holidays Wigglin’ Fans! ‘Tis the season for us to bring all of our favorite things out of storage and reminiscence. The songs, the decorations, the movies, the tv shows and yes, even the commercials!

This year, the commercial that has taken the internet by storm is one for John Lewis Furniture in the UK. If you haven’t seen it, the link to the YouTube site is below. But if you have, you know the adorable joy of the Boxer on Christmas morning as he bounces and bounces and bounces to his heart’s delight!

I don’t know about you, but I WANTED THAT DOG. I have two already at home, so THAT isn’t going to happen, but this ad is inspiring a whole new generation of Boxer lovers and I’m sure we’re going to see quite the demand for our favorite breed.

This is wonderful as long it’s the breed for you! We at Wigglin’ Home are always going to encourage any family to research the breed they are interested in (Boxer or not) to see if they truly would be a good fit!

For example, did you know that a Boxer can reach two years old and still not be full grown? We have had some Boxers in rescue that were 40ish lbs (pocket boxers) all the way to 100 lbs plus! What size dog is right for your household?

I’ll tell ya, there is nothing cuter to me than a nine week old Boxer puppy, full of wrinkles and huge paws. There have been times where there is nothing more frustrating than a 12 week old puppy who looks right at you after coming inside and goes potty on the rug and then RUNS over to lick your face.

Boxers can also be very smart, but they stay in that “puppy fun high energy” state for quite some time. Though they love their human snuggles, just watch this guy in the ad bounce, does your family have the energy to keep up with that? Is that jowly smile enough to get you to throw the ball another 20 times? Take another walk?

Is a puppy right for your family? Or would a 2-4 year old young adult be more your speed? Are you looking for all the cute, but a lot less energy? Maybe a senior would be your best match. Regardless, if you are inspired by the happy bouncer in the John Lewis ad and are thinking of adding a Boxer to your family, please check out our available dogs, fill out an application to get the process started, or simply message our team of volunteers! We LOVE talking Boxer and are happy to answer any questions you have to try and help you determine if a Boxer (or two) would be right for you!
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