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White & Fawn
8.5 Years Old
Pocket Boxer 50 lbs
-Incontinent: requiring 2x daily medication and occasional diapering
-Medical History: mammary & skin tumors removed 1/5/18, and some arthritis in left rear knee
House, Dog Door & Crate Trained
Great with Dogs (after slow intros)
Basic obedience (does pull on the lead)
Tricks (shakes & high fives)
Cat Untested
Good w/Children
Fostered in Spokane, WA

Serena’s foster mom here, Serena is the most endearing lil’ Boxer I have ever encountered. We first fostered her six months ago and fell in love, so when she needed to come back into rescue, we were glad to welcome her back and within two hours she just slipped back into our household routine.

If she could make it happen, she would subsist on belly rubs alone. She welcomes your touch and gladly snuggles in for a cuddle whenever you are ready. She’ll shake your hand or give you a high five and when you’ve forgotten to give her a belly rub she’ll gently tap your arm as a reminder. She greets you with wiggles and smiles and lights up each and every time you use her name or speak to her.

Shockingly, this pint-sized girl fits in with all three Boxers in our pack and they are all huge and ill mannered in comparison. She has had a calming effect on each of them.

Why was such an ideal pup returned to the rescue you ask. Her incontinence is not easily managed with meds and she requires diapers, which she rocks BTW, and this has earned her the nick name Ms Piddle Pants. She does not soak her diaper. On the contrary, if you are using a liner in the diaper, she’ll leave a few little spots from time-to-time. As long as you’ve been diligent in keeping her medication schedule, her leakage is minimal.

We don’t know what physical trauma may have caused her crooked lil’ jaw, small dent in her brow or arthritis in her left leg, but we suspect it occurred in her youth.

As a dog owner for over 40 yrs, I cannot image a quality home she would not fit within. She is wonderfully behaved (leaps and bounds above our dogs). She does as you ask (come, go, sit, shake, high-five, crate). She is very food motivated she loves to eat, so if you want her to do something she doesn’t know just offer her a treat.

Check out her YouTube video
Complete your application right away—

Jo C

8 Years Old
Female/Not Spayed
VSS (very special senior)
Medical care needs to be considered:
-Skin Tumors (daily care needed)
-Heart Murmur (anesthesia avoided)
-Arthritis (supplements needed)
Fostered in Corvallis, OR

Jo C Boxer here. My new foster mom wants me to tell you a little bit about myself. I think of myself as a sporty girl ‘cause I get to wear a different sports jersey everyday. I’m told I was a fine athlete once, but now I am retired (I think she is wrong but it sounds good). Mom thinks, I would do well on ”dancing with the stars” because of the extreme wiggle dancing I do. When I break dance, mom says I flail my legs around and shimmy while on my back like an upside down bug trying to right itself. I look darn cute and I am also soothing my itches.

Mom says I am “healing” and rubs coconut oil on my back. I have scarce fur and 12 bumps with one that is larger and more delicate. She says I have to be careful with the big one so it does not get yucky. I listen well, so all is good. I have one bad eye, probably an old sports injury, but mom calls it a cataract—I thought that was a car?

Did someone say car ride? I like car rides! I walk great on a leash and get in the car all by myself. I share the back seat with my foster brother. We take fun walks but not too far ‘cause my back legs get tired. Then we take naps on our ortho pads by the fireplace. BTW, he and I also have our own crate condos overlooking a 55 inch window where cartoons characters play all day long. When mom leaves the house we relax there until she gets home.

I love my delicious grain-free dinners with special sprinkles called supplements on it. Mom says, I eat like a champ and have normal bowl movements (embarrassing). I know how to let her know when it is time to go potty. She says it is ‘cause I am so darn smart. She also claims, I adapt well and hardly bark. Sometimes I sneak a bark in when my brother starts it of course.

I hear, I am beautiful—especially so in the inside where it really counts. Oh, I almost forgot. I have really good hearing and heard my mom talking about me the other day. She mentioned some other health issues but that they do not slow me down. So, I am not going to worry about those.

I also heard some other gushy stuff. My foster mom said:
“Jo C has danced her way into my heart with her extreme wiggles and sweet eyes that are the window into her beautiful heart. Her older exterior is only hiding a gooey joyful and loving center. She is goofy and fun loving and brings out smiles and chuckles from all. To top it all off, she has fine manners and a youthful attitude. Who could ask for more? She is a role model for all because she encompasses all that is right with the world. She is all a dog should or could be and so much more.”


6 Years Old
Flashy Fawn
Close Cropped Ears
Dog Friendly
Basic Obedience (and still learning)
Crate Trained
Fostered in Salem, OR

Where to begin? Hello everyone, my name is Wendy and I am a six year old happy girl. My mom says I’m spunky and my dad says I’m goofy. My tail never stops wagging. I may be getting past the puppy stage, but age ain’t nothing but a number. I’m so full of life! I have lots of energy and love, just not as much stamina. We are working at getting my trim figure restored so my stamina is improving.

I absolutely love getting out, going on walks, and playing at the park with my foster fur brother and skin sister. Although I have to admit, right now, I sometimes have a hard time keeping up. My parents say I do pretty good on leash and I am getting better with every outing. I know sit, down, come, no, shake, and I am trying my hardest to learn stay. I am not consistent with all these yet. Work in progress people, at least that’s what I am told by my dad. He loves to challenge me and teach me. I love to learn. It’s a win win ;). Did I also mention I am super smart?

I have been good in the crate while my humans are at work and school. My foster mom leaves me with goodies and things to keep my mind busy while I am in there. When everyone is home, I prefer to be on my dog bed with my family around me, or snuggling on the couch with my mom when I am invited. Most of the time I stay off furniture, unless invited.

I am definitely a people person! So curious and friendly. My parents say I am just the sweetest girl because I am always on my best behavior when I meet people. I especially love littles, who are kind to me and give me free pets! They are the best!

So far my favorite person in my house is my skin sister. My fur brother is great and all, but my sister is my happy place. I have learned she has super soft blankets I get covered up with, and she is excellent at giving me snuggles. My mom says we are perfect for each other because both snore like truckers. Whatever that means.

I do believe I have gone on about myself, and now I want to hear from you!

Last thing—I swear! I would do well with a family who has younger or older children who are gentle and know how to respect me. Male dogs are great. My mom was told I am not a fan of cats, but I have yet to see a cat in my foster home.

Here is an application link


2 Years Old
Flashy Fawn
No Kids
Natural Ears and Tail
Crates well
Cats unknown
Shy so calm slow intros best (people and dogs)
Learning her doggy social manners
Loves walks and welcomes leash practice
Only Dog
Is A Woman’s Dog
Fostered in Portland, OR

Hi! Bubbles is what they call me but my foster mom says that sounds like a name for a fish so she calls me Haley for short.

I am showing her all kinds of things I know like sit, dowwwwwn, and I’m kinda getting
“off” (of the couch oookayyy. mannnnn-ughh).

I surprised her when she got the harness out to go for a walk—I sat and waited to get buckled in! I’m okay with a crate. Mom feeds me in it. I’ve slept in it for bedtime before but I really like being in bed with Mom best. I sleep sooooo good with my own blanket and pillow! Mom says not everybody likes sharing a bed, but I’m hoping maybe you do?

Car rides and errands are the best! And this thing called “Chillin” mom says, I’m great at! I’ve mastered giving good hugs, too!

Will you be my BFF?!! If you think you’re up to please fill out and application and request me, (Bubbles).

Application link


8 Years Old
Sable & Tan
Dog Friendly
No Cats
Kid Friendly
Perfect on a Lead
Good with Grooming
Fostered in Astoria, OR

Hi my name is Sadie and I’m eight years old. I’m a smallish 44 lbs, which my foster mom says is a perfect size! I live with two foster brother dogs and two cats. I will chase the cat who runs, and I’m always up for a short game of tag.

I’m also lucky to have a human brother and sister too! At night, I get to sleep in my human brother, JJ. He lets me in his bed and I don’t move until he wakes up in the morning.

I am crate trained and mom leaves me out often, because I’m such a good girl while she’s gone. This has earned me lots praise. My favorite activity is sleeping, as long as I have a couch or dog bed I’m one happy girl.

Not sure what happened, but I don’t have many teeth left so I like a soft food diet.

I’m a happy, laid back, girl who would love a home of my own to sleep and snuggle into, luv Sadie .

Adoption application link


2 Years old
Boxer Mix (Stafford or Pitty maybe)
Dark Chocolate Coloring
Loves all People (young & old)
Craves Loves
Needs to be an only furchild!
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Raven amazes us all with her love of life, loyalty, and dedication. Several months ago, instead being the puppy she should have been, she set it all aside, and did the right thing. Rescued from wondering the streets, she landed in foster care, and birthed a beautiful litter of seven!

She briefly landed with what we thought was her furever family. Her need to be an only furchild has led to our search for the RIGHT family and home, where her needs will be met.

This little girl is a tremendous loving pet for the right family. Being so young and having gone though so much chaos in her life she has learned a great deal. Throughout it all she has made it clear that she will not waiver on being YOUR one and only—we think she deserves that right.

We cannot say enough about what a remarkable a job she did by her pups nor how great we believe she her to be! You need to meet her and let her show you herself.

Adoption Application


6 Years Old
Boxer/Bulldog Mix
80 lbs of Love
Big Kid Friendly
Big Dog Friendly
No Cats, Chickens or Pocket pets
House & Crate Trained
Basic Obedience
Fostered in Sandy, OR

Scrappy felt his name was crappy and not representative of his lovable nature. So, he asked us and our followers to help him find a more fitting name. Boy, was everyone eager to help! Forty name suggestions—all far more fitting than crappy Scrappy. He and the followers narrowed the field down to what everyone felt really embodied his personality, size, and goof ball nature.

Please meet big guy Sully, named after the big blue guy in Disney’s Monsters Inc. This moniker fits well for this eighty pound boy who thinks he’s a lapdog. Boy-o’-boy does he pour on the love and charm. He gives the best big kisses and can look at you with such endearing, big, eyed expressions.

Like his name sake, he has broad shoulders and narrower hips. Sully is also the perfect balance between Boxer and Bulldog. He can be Boxer wrestling and then laze around in the very next breathe with total Bulldog abandon. One moment he’s wiggling across the room, the next he’s sashaying down the hall with that hip rolling Bulldog motion, but with a little extra kick in his giddyup because of an old injury. Sully is also a very talented vocalist, with a full vocabulary of groans, moans, yowls, deep grumbles, whines, snores, and barks.

Sully knows that his visible scars from the past will always be with him; emotionally, he has worked through so many of his scars, which is why we thought he was right when he wanted to shed his old name and his past.

This guy is ready for the right forever family where size doesn’t matter and one who will love him beyond measure. If you are that family, complete an application today, and here is a link to the online form Check out Sully’s video too

Thank You Portland Fire & Rescue for the photoshoot!

Bernard II AKA Bernie

4 Years Old
Flashy Fawn
Good with Dogs
No Cats
No Farm Animals
Only Larger/Older Children
Fostered in Canby, OR

Hi everyone, my name is Bernie, unless someone uses my full, then it’s Bernard. Where do I begin? WHBR had me transferred up from CA after was found and unclaimed as a stray. I’ve done really well since arriving—I was a little nervous at first, but my doggy friend Zara made me feel right at home. My foster mom and dad let me climb up on the couch with them and they loved on me and scratch on me and I really, really love that! So, I settled right in.

You see, I am blind. I can’t see anything at all. I follow your voice and I smell things. I also like to mouth things a lot, it’s my way of “seeing” things. I try really hard to be gentle when I do this, but occasionally I will pinch you with my baby teeth. I don’t mean to hurt you, but I get so excited sometimes.

At my foster home, there are other animals such as cats and horses. I can’t control myself around them and I am afraid I will really hurt them if I get the chance. So, I cannot be in a home with any other animals besides dogs. I am a big, strong boy and I’m not sure it would be a very good idea to be around small children, until I learn some better manners. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, and mom thinks I might by accident. I am ok on leash, until I smell another critter. A smaller person wouldn’t be able to hold me back if that happens. I can’t help myself—mom says we need to work on self control.

I love to go outside for walks in the back yard; for now I have to stay on leash because of the cats and horses. I would love to be somewhere that I can be outside and off leash, and safe. That would make me so happy. My foster mom says I am very smart—I learned how to get around her house in only a couple of days. I can find the toys, the couch, and the food and water all by myself. I am really good in my crate, and I only bark when one of those pesky cats walks by. I sleep in my crate all night too, although sleeping on someone’s bed might not be too bad either. Ssssshhhh don’t tell, but I have had the occasional accident in the house while getting my bearings, so please help me out when I first arrive.

I am a very good eater and will clean my bowl every time. I am good in the car, I am good with strangers, and I love my fur sister. I adore my foster dad, I love to lay across his lap at night when he watches TV. He rubs my belly and gives me scratches and I am in heaven!

My foster mom always reminds people to talk to me as they approach, that way I won’t be startled. I have a nice new leash, bandana, and harness that lets people know I am a blind dog too. Would you like to be my furever family? I want so much to belong to someone who will love me and understands my shortcomings. I promise I will love you forever and ever if you give me a chance. Here is the adoption application you’ll need



5.5 Years Old
Cat and Dog Friendly
Hip Dysplasia
No Hiking and Few Stairs
Daily Supplements
Basic Obedience
Fostered in Long Beach, WA

Hi everybody, Thelma here, I just really want to say thank you to all the people at WHBR for rescuing me. I did not have it so good in my previous life, but I sure am loving the good life now.

My foster mom says I am one of the sweetest dogs she has ever met and she has met a lot of dogs. I am gentle and patient with my senior citizen furfoster sibling and that is saying something cuz she is really a grouchy little turd!

I love the cat, and I love my foster boxer sister too. In fact, I have nothing but love in my heart. I am a true lady on a leash though I cannot do long walks because of my hips, but if you want to take a little stroll around the neighborhood I am your girl. And, if you just want to sit in the sun on the deck or curl up by the fire, well then I am just the one for you.

I never go in my crate here cuz, I am so well behaved and my foster parents never leave me home alone. They understand I would rather sit in the car and wait for them than be left alone at home. And, just look at my beautiful soulful eyes. Do you see all that love I have to give you?

Foster mom here, everything Thelma says is true. She is beautiful, gentle, loving, the perfect companion. She is really hoping to find a home where her star can shine. She is not terribly active because of her hips so a quiet home maybe with a retired family would sure be a lottery win for her. Here is the link


Carson J Wigglenubb

6 Year Old
Fawn w/a Lightning Mark!
55 lb People Lover
Kid Friendly
Dogs Friendly w/Proper Intro
Fostered in Poulsbo, WA

Hello there, as names can provide a first impression you should already know a lot about me. My personality is in my nubb. It is contagious in how much it wiggles all the time, it really is.

Let us get the basics established, because I know your time is precious. I am a bit on the smaller size compared to by fellow brothers and sisters, but do not let my size fool you, there is great love inside of me. Kids, yes please, I adore them, follow them around, want to sleep with them, and I listen intently when they are talking to me. Adults, I love you too, if we have never meet before I might be tempted to put my arms up on you to show my appreciation, however just gently remind me proper etiquette. Speaking of that, I am super gentle when receiving treats, but a kind praise works just as well for me.

My history is one of love. I came into the rescue because of the love of my parents. They did not have the means to care for me, so they asked these fine people at WHBR to help me find a forever family. I had children and a dog friend to play with there and this is what I am hopping to find in my furever household.

House manners are a snap for me. Being a bit on the smaller side allows me to snuggle into the corner of the couch, if anyone is there I am sure to find my way to their lap. I know my name well in addition to several other words such as sit, lie down, and off. Foster Dad says I could learn more. In fact, he has me wait in the living room when he is making dinner for us, and then calls our names 1 by 1 to come and eat. This is a hard one, but I am getting it. The kenneling arrangement is slick, I climb in when asked with no treat need.

Some of my favorite things at my foster house are, in no particular order. Car rides, yep, I do stay behind the driver, and if you let me get my nose out the window the ride is even better. Boxers Brothers, I have two of them currently, and find that snuggling with the old man of the house is a particular favorite. You can learn so much from him, he is a wealth of knowledge for sure. If I see you bring out the car keys or the leash, I guarantee I will dance for you. Children are one of the highlights of my life, I would prefer to sleep in their room, and follow them around.

Foster family here, I would like to say that Carson is a handsome joy to have as a house guest. Without any kerfuffle he fit right into the groove of our family life with multiple dogs, kids, and visitors. Honestly, it is like this guy has been here all along. In all truth, he could use a little help from his furever family on his leash skills. Initially, he does pull a bit because he is so excited to go, and then he settles down for the walk. Oh, and if you could help with brushing his teeth. But that is it.

This guy is over the puppy stage and doing things that humans do not like in the house. Besides who does not like a dog that has a white lightning bolt on his neck? He is just a solid nugget. We love him. If you think this is the one for you, please get your application in, and schedule a visit. Nice guys like him do not last long, they get hitched quick. Here is the link to the application


Chevy (Bonded to Lilly)

10 Years Old
Natural Ears
Cat & Dog Friendly
Kid Friendly
Crate Trained
Fostered in Medford, OR

Hello there, my name is Chevy, yep that’s right, just like a Chevy truck, and I’m a senior guy looking for L-O-V-E. I am calm, well behaved, and have good manners. I have also been told I am a respectful boy as well as loyal. You have stories to tell? Want to share your day? Well, I am a great listener! You want to just snuggle? I am your guy!

Like what you hear so far? Heck that’s nothing… I have basic obedience skills and my foster mom says I am a super star when it comes to learning new things. In fact, I don’t mean to brag but I can sit, shake, lay down, get off/down, wait, and no (definitely not my favorite word). There are a few things I need to keep working on like walking nicely on a leash (mom says I pull like a mule) and recall (I run if I get lose since I am a free spirit). I don’t mind the kennel and will go in without a fuss, however my favorite place is right next to YOU. Gosh I don’t even mind sharing you with other dogs and cats because after all I AM a lover not a fighter.

When it’s time to eat, I sit outside the kitchen and patiently wait for the grub, I do enjoy my meals!

Don’t mind if I say so myself, someone’s gonna be a lucky buck when they take ME home! Did I mention I LUV to snuggle????

Adoption Application

Lilly (Bonded to Chevy)

7 Years Old
Brindle Female
Natural Ears
Cat & Dog Friendly
Kid Friendly
Crate Trained
Fostered in Medford, OR

Greetings and Salutations, My Name is Lilly and I am pleased to meet you!
I have the feeling that I’m just the 4 legged furbaby you’ve been looking for!
As you can see, I AM Bee-U-tee-ful, and I have the most expressive face.

I am respectful, well behaved and have basic obedience skills. My foster mom is amazed at how fast I learn ( LOL of course!!)
Counter Surf?? Oookaay it’s a work in progress (Geeesssh)

I do wait to be asked up onto the furniture or bed because I AM a lady after all! I am very affectionate and love your attention, but am good on my own as well. You know; the easy-going kind. Ball?? Did you say B-A-L-L?? Hooray!! I l-o-v-e tennis balls. I am the master of toss and catch with lightning speed, I will play until I drop from exhaustion. Golly I will even bring the ball and drop it in your lap so you don’t have to go get it. I do need to be a little careful though because I had a nasty car accident as a puppy and it causes my legs to get sore after a while. You should also know that I love walks, and I’m really good on or off leash. Car rides? Love em!!

Like I said…It’s just a feeling… Why don’t you fill out the adoption app and see for yourself?

Adoption Application


7 Years Old
40 lbs Pocket Boxer
Dog Friendly
Crate Trained
Kid Friendly
Fostered in Woodinville, WA

You would never know that I am 7 years old—I hop around and have the best boxer wiggle ever. I love all people because they love to pet and cuddle with me.
Did I mention I just love kids—they are just my size! If you are looking for a pocket boxer, look no further.

I was found in a California orchard by a very nice lady named Megan. She brought me home, took care of me, got some weight on me, and then got me on the transport bus to start my new life.

I have been with my foster mom for a couple weeks. We are still working to help me put on some more weight, so I’m not so skinny. I eat like a champ, so it shouldn’t take too long. I weigh in at 40 lbs. My size had a lot to do with my new name, Pixie.

I love just about everything. Cats are still unknown, since there are not any at my foster home. I do get along with all the doggies here—male and female boxers and a small Chi.

When crated next to my friends and, especially when I get a peanut butter Kong I do well. I sleep on my foster mom’s bed all night and don’t get up until she does.

I am working on my potty skills, having been outside lost for more than three weeks means I need to relearn a couple things. I am starting to remember it though. Treats help and I love treats and take them gently!

So, if you are looking for a sweet, lovable little girl that will follow you around everywhere because I love my people, then I’m your gal. I am being fostered in Woodinville, WA. Don’t take too long to fill out an adoption application because my mom said I am so perfect I will get snatched up by a new family fast. Here’s the link

Piper (aka Jayne)

1 Year Old
Boxer X
Great with Dogs
No Cats
Larger/Older Children
Basic Obedience (still learning)
Fostered in Oakridge, OR

Hi! My name is Piper. You might think that I look familiar and you’d be right. I was known as Jayne before through WHBR but was adopted and got a new name to go with the new family. With an extremely heavy heart and tear filled eyes my previous family had to make a choice for what is right for me, so here I am. I know that this time I will find the perfect family. Have you seen my adorable face and spunky, curly tail? If not, go ahead and take a gander…

I’ll wait…

Did you see them? Great! I’m so adorable that my foster mama can’t keep a straight face when she’s trying to help me learn the right behaviors. He! He! He!

My foster mama says, I’m not allowed to look on top of the counters but I can’t help it, there’s so much going on up there including meal time. Plus, I get so excited when she comes home even though she has just gone out to the mailbox. Car rides are the best even if its just to run errands, anything to stay close to you.

Siblings? No worries I love having siblings both skinned and furred alike. I absolutely love to play so having siblings to play with would be awesome. Cuddling? Even better! I love to snuggle up close and take a nap and to give some of my famous kisses.

Gotta go now but my foster mama wants to add some things as well. Hope to meet you soon.

Hello, Piper’s foster mama here. Piper is such an adorable girl with a heart of gold. She has a ton of puppy in her but don’t let that stop you, she is going to be a wonderful girl once she matures. Obedience classes would be beneficial even though she currently has some basic training. I have cat tested her and unfortunately she’s not good with cats.

Piper does have some separation anxiety but seems to do better if you leave her out of her crate (just leave the door open because she goes in when she wants to. She’s a great snuggle buddy, she’s snuggling with me now while I pass on this information to you lol.

She may only be a youngster but she takes on the big sister role here with her foster siblings. She does great with both big and small dogs. Piper tends to jump up so I wouldn’t recommend her if you have small children. She gets so happy that she tends to have a hard time controlling it but we’re working on it. I’m still learning things about her everyday so feel free to ask any questions and I’ll answer them the best I can.

Piper’s YouTube video
You will want to complete an adoption app


3 Years Old
White & Fawn
Crate Trained
Basic Obedience (Still Learning)
Dog Friendly with Proper Intros
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Hi! Hi! Hi! I’m Ty! (Tyson). I am soooo excited that the Wigglin’ Home people let me come to visit I can hardly stand it!

Foster mom says soon I just might get a home of my own! Really?!?! Like with a yard?? Of my own?! Cuz ya know, running is my favorite thing to do! And I’ve got a pretty good flying bounce flip thing I can show you!

She takes me for walks and I’m working on this leash thing. I think I’m getting it but there’s so much to look at sometimes I forget, ooops. We go to a fenced park that I get all to myself, she says so I can “get it all out”. Whatever that means.

I wonder what my new home will be like? I cant wait!!! I’ve got gobs of love to give. It shows in my wiggle! Turn in an app and come see!!! Hurry Hurry!! Check out all my photos in this slide show

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3 Years Old
Fawn Female
Crate Trained
Basic Obedience (still learning)
Approaches New Situations w/Caution
Prefers No Fursiblings
Fostered in Seattle, WA

Riley aka RyRy. My new foster dad wants me to tell you a little bit about myself. When I first arrived, I was very shy and a little nervous. Make no mistake! Once I’m comfortable, this is NOT who I am. Rather, I love to be the center of attention and play all the time.

Did someone say car ride? I love car rides! I can get in the truck all by myself—preferring the backseat with my face in the wind. Walks are great and I do pretty well on a leash, only needing the occasional coaching to remind me not to pull. I’m working on understanding my commands, so far I am pretty good at sitting and lying down.

I am crate trained and sometimes I enjoy the privacy. However, I would much rather be roaming around the house with you. When you are home and I’m in the crate, I will cry for a while, because I want to spend time with you. I do really well in the crate when you are actually gone. First off, I’ll cry and then I’ll relax when I know you’re gone by lying down and enjoying my bone.

When you come home, I am super excited to see you and make sure you know it! As soon as you let me out of my crate, I will run circles and give you kisses! It doesn’t matter whether you were gone for 15 minutes for 3 hours you will still get kisses.

I am fully house trained and once we get into our routine, I will let you know when I need to go out. Having you outside with me, so we can play is the best! Outside, I am full of energy and love to run and play fetch.

I love to snuggle up and be as close as possible to my person. Sometimes, other dogs can make nervous, so I do like my personal space. I think I would best enjoy a home where it is me and my people.

Adoption application
Riley’s slideshow on YouTube

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