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Jo C

8 Years Old
Female/Not Spayed
VSS (very special senior)
Medical care needs to be considered:
-Skin Tumors (daily care needed)
-Heart Murmur (anesthesia avoided)
-Arthritis (supplements needed)
Fostered in Corvallis, OR

Jo C Boxer here. My new foster mom wants me to tell you a little bit about myself. I think of myself as a sporty girl ‘cause I get to wear a different sports jersey everyday. I’m told I was a fine athlete once, but now I am retired (I think she is wrong but it sounds good). Mom thinks, I would do well on ”dancing with the stars” because of the extreme wiggle dancing I do. When I break dance, mom says I flail my legs around and shimmy while on my back like an upside down bug trying to right itself. I look darn cute and I am also soothing my itches.

Mom says I am “healing” and rubs coconut oil on my back. I have scarce fur and 12 bumps with one that is larger and more delicate. She says I have to be careful with the big one so it does not get yucky. I listen well, so all is good. I have one bad eye, probably an old sports injury, but mom calls it a cataract—I thought that was a car?

Did someone say car ride? I like car rides! I walk great on a leash and get in the car all by myself. I share the back seat with my foster brother. We take fun walks but not too far ‘cause my back legs get tired. Then we take naps on our ortho pads by the fireplace. BTW, he and I also have our own crate condos overlooking a 55 inch window where cartoons characters play all day long. When mom leaves the house we relax there until she gets home.

I love my delicious grain-free dinners with special sprinkles called supplements on it. Mom says, I eat like a champ and have normal bowl movements (embarrassing). I know how to let her know when it is time to go potty. She says it is ‘cause I am so darn smart. She also claims, I adapt well and hardly bark. Sometimes I sneak a bark in when my brother starts it of course.

I hear, I am beautiful—especially so in the inside where it really counts. Oh, I almost forgot. I have really good hearing and heard my mom talking about me the other day. She mentioned some other health issues but that they do not slow me down. So, I am not going to worry about those.

I also heard some other gushy stuff. My foster mom said:
“Jo C has danced her way into my heart with her extreme wiggles and sweet eyes that are the window into her beautiful heart. Her older exterior is only hiding a gooey joyful and loving center. She is goofy and fun loving and brings out smiles and chuckles from all. To top it all off, she has fine manners and a youthful attitude. Who could ask for more? She is a role model for all because she encompasses all that is right with the world. She is all a dog should or could be and so much more.”


2 Years old
Boxer Mix (Stafford or Pitty maybe)
Dark Chocolate Coloring
Loves all People (young & old)
Craves Loves
Needs to be an only furchild!
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Raven amazes us all with her love of life, loyalty, and dedication. Several months ago, instead being the puppy she should have been, she set it all aside, and did the right thing. Rescued from wondering the streets, she landed in foster care, and birthed a beautiful litter of seven!

She briefly landed with what we thought was her furever family. Her need to be an only furchild has led to our search for the RIGHT family and home, where her needs will be met.

This little girl is a tremendous loving pet for the right family. Being so young and having gone though so much chaos in her life she has learned a great deal. Throughout it all she has made it clear that she will not waiver on being YOUR one and only—we think she deserves that right.

We cannot say enough about what a remarkable a job she did by her pups nor how great we believe she her to be! You need to meet her and let her show you herself.

Adoption Application


6 Years Old
Boxer/Bulldog Mix
80 lbs of Love
Big Kid Friendly
Big Dog Friendly
No Cats, Chickens or Pocket pets
House & Crate Trained
Basic Obedience
Fostered in Sandy, OR

Scrappy felt his name was crappy and not representative of his lovable nature. So, he asked us and our followers to help him find a more fitting name. Boy, was everyone eager to help! Forty name suggestions—all far more fitting than crappy Scrappy. He and the followers narrowed the field down to what everyone felt really embodied his personality, size, and goof ball nature.

Please meet big guy Sully, named after the big blue guy in Disney’s Monsters Inc. This moniker fits well for this eighty pound boy who thinks he’s a lapdog. Boy-o’-boy does he pour on the love and charm. He gives the best big kisses and can look at you with such endearing, big, eyed expressions.

Like his name sake, he has broad shoulders and narrower hips. Sully is also the perfect balance between Boxer and Bulldog. He can be Boxer wrestling and then laze around in the very next breathe with total Bulldog abandon. One moment he’s wiggling across the room, the next he’s sashaying down the hall with that hip rolling Bulldog motion, but with a little extra kick in his giddyup because of an old injury. Sully is also a very talented vocalist, with a full vocabulary of groans, moans, yowls, deep grumbles, whines, snores, and barks.

Sully knows that his visible scars from the past will always be with him; emotionally, he has worked through so many of his scars, which is why we thought he was right when he wanted to shed his old name and his past.

This guy is ready for the right forever family where size doesn’t matter and one who will love him beyond measure. If you are that family, complete an application today, and here is a link to the online form Check out Sully’s video too

Thank You Portland Fire & Rescue for the photoshoot!


2 Years Old
Flashy Fawn
Natural Ears and Tail
Crating—working on it
Only Dog
Is a Woman’s Dog
Shy so calm slow intros best (people and dogs)
Children are too exuberant
Learning her doggy social manners
Loves walks and welcomes leash practice
Fostered in Portland, OR

Hi! Bubbles is what they call me but my foster mom says that sounds like a name for a fish so she calls me Haley for short.

I am showing her all kinds of things I know like sit, dowwwwwn, and I’m kinda getting
“off” (of the couch oookayyy. mannnnn-ughh).

I surprised her when she got the harness out to go for a walk—I sat and waited to get buckled in! I’m okay with a crate. Mom feeds me in it. I’ve slept in it for bedtime before but I really like being in bed with Mom best. I sleep sooooo good with my own blanket and pillow! Mom says not everybody likes sharing a bed, but I’m hoping maybe you do?

Car rides and errands are the best! And this thing called “Chillin” mom says, I’m great at! I’ve mastered giving good hugs, too!

Will you be my BFF?!! If you think you’re up to it please fill out and application and request me, (Bubbles). Application link


11 Years Old
Sliver Fox Flashy Fawn
Create Trained
House Trained
Great on a Leash
Not Dog or Cat Friendly
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Bentley is a lover of every person he’s ever met. He enjoys slow walks, especially at the park and has wonderful leash skills.

Bentley is not a fan of other dogs being close to him. When he’s on a walk he’s perfectly content to ignore the other dogs as long as they keep away.

This good o’boy is quiet and content in a crate, and has fantastic house manners–only needing to be crated if there is another dog in the household.

He loves to follow me around “helping” me do chores. His happiest time of day is our evening snuggle time, I sit with him on his giant dog bed and rub his chest.

He is looking for a caring, loving home to call his own in his golden years.

Adoption application


4-5 year old male
Crate Trained
Potty Trained
Dog Friendly
Fostered in Spokane, WA

***WARNING*** Risk of falling in love with me after reading is likely. I will not be held liable for stealing your heart. I cannot be held responsible for never feeling it possible to replace me.

Be prepared to enjoy your walks as walking with me will increase your life expectancy and happiness quotient. Side effects may include, but not limited to, no storage on phone due to a multitude of photos of my undoubtedly cute face, fear of speeding tickets due to racing home as I waited patiently for you to return, increased time with friends and family because they won’t be able to go without seeing or petting me, stomach aches from laughing while playing with me and a cleaner house 1.5 feet up due to my long sweeping tail and how it never stops wagging. Tail can reach great speeds and go a multitude of directions.

Please be advised I need a human that will allow for a slow introduction to males. Introduction time can range from 1-10 seconds. Please allow for a sniff before petting. Children in the home must be licked and leaned on. Your ability to get up and get something from the fridge may be impaired due to worry of moving or waking me while we cuddle because I look so darn precious. You may appear bigger from a distance as I will be right next to you as if we were one. May have more money in bank account than expected due my limited interest in toys. May cause you to talk incessantly about how sweet and easy going I am and how anyone could ever give away a gentle soul such as myself.

Now that you have read my advisory label fully, all that is left to do is sign on the adoption line.

Adoption application


9 years young
Spay Female
Crate Trained
Big and small dog friendly
Big and small human friendly
Fostered in Spokane, WA

What do I have in common with whiskey, jeans, cheese, balsamic vinegar, wine and leather you ask? We all get better with age! I am a straight up Cali girl that found herself wandering the streets alone before someone picked me up and took me to a shelter. Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue saw I was there and just couldn’t pass me by. They too, knew I was something special.

I was extremely sick and I went to see a veterinarian to receive much needed medical attention. After a few days I felt more up to traveling all the way north to Washington. My next chapter starts there. I feel better than ever now that I am loved and in a home. These bones like the softer things in life like squishy beds, couches and laps. I curl up in the tightest little ball, but only after I spin like a ballerina ten times.

I am certainly not one to lay around hour after hour like some seniors. I like to go for strolls around the neighborhood. I am fabulous on a leash. It’s almost as if I am not even there. It’s safe to say I am like a shadow. I am a wonderful companion and enjoy hanging out in the yard with you. My hearing is not what it used to be, but I hang out so close to you, you won’t need to speak loudly. I also enjoy breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner and desert. I am not one of those salad and water kind of gals. Life’s too short!

My body wears scars on it like tattoos of my past. I am growing hair in some places, but other spots will simple remain bald and only I know why they got there. I am full of life and can perform a “boxer burn” just as good as any youngster. I even have some youngster behaviors such as counter surfing. Best to keep me crated while away from home. I don’t mind, every old lady likes some time to herself.

I am what humans call “easy going” to say the least. I come offering smiles, comfort and companionship. I have a heart of gold and want to give it all to you for the rest of my days. I think it is time to start a new chapter in my book of life. I can’t wait to include you!
Love, Leslie

Adoption application


4 years old
White with Brindle
No kids
Crate Trained
Good with Dogs and Cats
Good on Leash
Fostered in Eugene, OR

Hey there, my name is Biggs and I’m kind of a “Biggs Deal” if you know what I mean! Ha, just kidding—I am really just a sweet oaf of a guy looking for someone to love me forever.

Let me tell you a little about myself, so we can see if I’ll be packing my bags. I love people and I find “best” friends quickly. I have several already and really love my foster grandma. I have liked all of the dogs I have met but really haven’t found a need to wrestle, honestly I just don’t get it! Not much of a toy guy either: however, I do play with my foster brothers hamburger when I’m feeling spunky. We are working on my “sit” and “stay” which are both coming along nicely. A home without young kids is ideal for me. I’m kind of an old soul (even though I am only 4) and am just not into all the hustle bustle little ones bring.

Now, on to the good stuff—I LOVE food and who can blame me? I didn’t always have a lot to eat out on the streets, where I was found. I’m making up for lost time! My favorite human food (and this is non-negotiable if you adopt me) is a tortilla. I get super excited when my foster mom gets them out: she says, I do a cute little dance while I am waiting. Another great thing about me is I sleep in my own bed right next to your’s. This way we can be together but have our own space. I am such a gentleman in the morning too, I will wait until you wake up before I get out of my bed for breakfast.

My ideal home will be one where I can maybe meander down the street with you (I’m great on leash BTW) for 15 minutes or so, then come in for a gulp of water and a rest at (or on) your feet! I won’t be a hiking buddy if that is what you are after, my Back legs are a bit like that of an older gentleman even though the rest of me is Spry! I can do stairs if there are just a few but more than that is a little hard for me.

Oh, I almost forgot—I LOVE showers! Good hygiene is such a bonus to finding a home. I even lay down for you and actually prefer the loofah massage for my body wash time! Lastly, you need to know that I have itchy skin so we may need to bathe more than normal, and I am good at that so no worries, really!

If you think I might be the guy for you let’s get you started on an application.

Adoption application


Olaf 3 Years Old
Gorgeous Brindle Male
Crate Trained
Dog Friendly
Kid Friendly
No Cats or Chicken (high prey drive)
Fostered in Sweet Home, Oregon

Hi my name is Olaf, I was picked up as a stray and landed at an Animal Shelter, then WHBR stepped in and brought me to my foster home. Thank goddess, the heat in CA was getting to me, as you all know Boxers don’t like to be extremely hot or cold. My new foster home is a snuggly, warm, and cozy house, which is way better than trying to stay cool on the streets in the heat. Now that I’m settled into my foster home, I can tell you a little bit about myself. I’m young and eager to learn new things. Currently, I’m living with four foster siblings: three Boxers and a Pug. There are two cats, which I don’t get along with—one thing you can count on, I will give chase when I see them, so it’s best I not live with cats. I’m very respectful of my foster K9 siblings and human family. I so enjoy the snuggle time they share with me and I do love giving kisses. When I met some short people (2 yrs olds) I calmed right down and was super gentle, so I wouldn’t knock them over or hurt them. I really love short people and I’m really happy just to be with you and whatever your doing. Because I’m young and still learning how to be a good citizen, my foster mom crates me when she needs to leave me home alone, but at night I get to sleep in the bedroom with the rest of the family. I love walks, playing in the yard, or just watching TV. I’m a super chill guy when I’m inside and know how to use my indoors manners. I don’t want to return to being alone, I did that already on the streets in CA. Now, I just want to find my forever family and live life to the fullest with them. I never want be scared or lonely ever again. I have so much love to give and I just want a forever family I can be faithful to. Together we can go on walks—I’m working on my leash skills but don’t be confused, even while I’m learning, I won’t pull you around the block. However, I’m learning to not go in circles around you. I’m learning how to play fetch too, and my foster mom says I’m quick study, but hey I already knew that. I guess what I’m trying to say, I want to be your loyal, loving family member forever. If you’d like to meet me in person and see for yourself how great I am, fill out a application and we’ll see if we can love each other forever. Adoption application


Yuki Boxer & Staffordshire Terrier Mix
1.5 Years Old
Natural Ears & Tail
Good with like sized Dogs
Great with Cats
Loves Kids
Fostered in Portland, OR

Hello dog lovers, I would like to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Yuki! I am a Boxer x Staffordshire Terrier mix and I am about a year and half old. My young life has already brought me many challenges beyond my control. First, I found myself homeless and wandering the streets of California. Next, some people found me, loaded me up into a truck, and took me to a shelter where I learned I would be expecting a litter of puppies. I waited stressed and nervous at the shelter for someone to come rescue me and show me what love and life was really like. I had been waiting for some time and was actually on the euthanasia list until the amazing people at Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue saw me and brought me to the start of my new life and I became one of the lucky ones! With the support of kind and gentle man, I soon found myself literally in the lap of luxury at my foster home in Oregon. Once I began to feel safe, my seven little bundles of joy soon arrived. I was an excellent and very attentive mother—likely, this was not my first time being a single parent. I don’t remember my past and all I care about now is that my children grow up and are loved unconditionally and that I too may find my happily ever after. I am a very sweet, medium sized, and mannered girl. I recently discovered these things called toys and I really like them! I am good with other dogs my same size, little ones who are not my children stress me. I am great with cats, love kids. While I am more comfortable with women, if you are the right guy I will warm up to you. I am crate trained who is learning to be a house and family dog. I enjoy being outside as that is where I spent most of my life, but if you have a couch you don’t mind sharing I will gladly accept it! I really love my people and would like someone who is home often, who can come check on me throughout the day to just reassure me that I won’t ever be abandoned again. I enjoy walks, riding in the car (sometimes I get a little nauseous) I like to run with my people and play tag in the yard. If you think I sound like I could be a good match for you please complete an application soon so a meet and greet can be arranged. I promise to not disappoint and look forward to meeting you soon! Adoption application


3 Years Old
Beautiful Sealed Brindle
Needs a No Dog/Cat Home
Loves Kids
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, from near or far! My name is Benjamin. I suppose to begin, we should discuss my needs (worry not, I don’t need much). I don’t like other dogs (or cats, for that matter) but if you have kids, I promise to love them like my own. My foster mom says I’m great with them, and she says I have some other special talents as well. I’m housebroken, so hopefully that’s of no concern, and though I’m crate trained, I can also be left in the house, and I won’t destroy anything. I’m used to being on the furniture though, and I hope you’re around sometimes so we can snuggle. I love snuggling. I also love food and treats, or as my foster mom says, I’m very treat motivated. I can do all sorts of things, like sit, wait, lay down, shake, come, and I’m pretty impressive on a leash too. Overall, I’ve been told that I’m a pretty smart and obedient guy. I’m slow to warm up to people, but once I do, all I want is your love, affection, and of course, cuddles. My foster mom has been great, but I’m ready to stretch out these legs and settle down. Just look at my sweet little face. Who could say no to welcoming me into their home? Fill out an application today! Adoption application

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