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Jo C

8 Years Old
Female/Not Spayed
VSS (very special senior)
Medical care needs to be considered:
-Skin Tumors (daily care needed)
-Heart Murmur (anesthesia avoided)
-Arthritis (supplements needed)
Fostered in Corvallis, OR

Jo C Boxer here. My new foster mom wants me to tell you a little bit about myself. I think of myself as a sporty girl ‘cause I get to wear a different sports jersey everyday. I’m told I was a fine athlete once, but now I am retired (I think she is wrong but it sounds good). Mom thinks, I would do well on ”dancing with the stars” because of the extreme wiggle dancing I do. When I break dance, mom says I flail my legs around and shimmy while on my back like an upside down bug trying to right itself. I look darn cute and I am also soothing my itches.

Mom says I am “healing” and rubs coconut oil on my back. I have scarce fur and 12 bumps with one that is larger and more delicate. She says I have to be careful with the big one so it does not get yucky. I listen well, so all is good. I have one bad eye, probably an old sports injury, but mom calls it a cataract—I thought that was a car?

Did someone say car ride? I like car rides! I walk great on a leash and get in the car all by myself. I share the back seat with my foster brother. We take fun walks but not too far ‘cause my back legs get tired. Then we take naps on our ortho pads by the fireplace. BTW, he and I also have our own crate condos overlooking a 55 inch window where cartoons characters play all day long. When mom leaves the house we relax there until she gets home.

I love my delicious grain-free dinners with special sprinkles called supplements on it. Mom says, I eat like a champ and have normal bowl movements (embarrassing). I know how to let her know when it is time to go potty. She says it is ‘cause I am so darn smart. She also claims, I adapt well and hardly bark. Sometimes I sneak a bark in when my brother starts it of course.

I hear, I am beautiful—especially so in the inside where it really counts. Oh, I almost forgot. I have really good hearing and heard my mom talking about me the other day. She mentioned some other health issues but that they do not slow me down. So, I am not going to worry about those.

I also heard some other gushy stuff. My foster mom said:
“Jo C has danced her way into my heart with her extreme wiggles and sweet eyes that are the window into her beautiful heart. Her older exterior is only hiding a gooey joyful and loving center. She is goofy and fun loving and brings out smiles and chuckles from all. To top it all off, she has fine manners and a youthful attitude. Who could ask for more? She is a role model for all because she encompasses all that is right with the world. She is all a dog should or could be and so much more.”


Raven Female
3 Years Old
Boxer Mix (Stafford Terrier maybe)
Dark Chocolate
Beyond Basic Obedience
Crate Trained
Loves People (big and small)
No Other Pets
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Raven amazes us all with her loyalty, dedication, and love of life. This girl enjoys working and training so much that she is preparing for Canine Good Citizen training. She’ll eventually be training for future obedience competition and she’d like nothing more than for you to join her on this journey. She plays hard, wants a running or jogging partner, and looks forward to her snuggling and loving time with her human. Raven is so full of life and boy-oh-boy does this young girl shine even more when she is doing what you want her to do. Because of a high prey drive for smaller critters and because she learned to fight hard for survival while she was pregnant and living on the streets, Raven needs to be the only pet in her home. That said, she enjoys the company of other dogs immensely, but only in controlled situations, on walks together, on outings, and during training. Raven also attends rescue events, meets and greets people and pups, and represents the rescue very well. For Raven, play can in an instant become too intense. She’ll go into survival mode, which is why she cannot be in a home with another dog. It is unfair to her and unfair to the owner to put her in a situation where she is not safe. She has been with our trainer for nearly a year and is given a very controlled play environment. As a behavioral type trainer and having learned Raven’s needs, our trainer allows her controlled playtime with other low key dogs. We’ve shared a few photos of such play here in her album, so you’ll understand she is not a dog hater, but rather she has threshold needs that need to be met. We cannot say enough about what a remarkable lil’ gal she. Raven is perpetually happy! She adores people big and small, wanting only to please you and love on you so very much. You need to meet her and let her show you herself. Raven is available as a Foster2Adopt or Adoption (click for application)


2 Years Old
Flashy Fawn
Natural Ears and Tail
Crating—working on it
Only Dog
Is a Woman’s Dog
Shy so calm slow intros best (people and dogs)
Children are too exuberant
Learning her doggy social manners
Loves walks and welcomes leash practice
Fostered in Portland, OR

Hi! Bubbles is what they call me but my foster mom says that sounds like a name for a fish so she calls me Haley for short.

I am showing her all kinds of things I know like sit, dowwwwwn, and I’m kinda getting
“off” (of the couch oookayyy. mannnnn-ughh).

I surprised her when she got the harness out to go for a walk—I sat and waited to get buckled in! I’m okay with a crate. Mom feeds me in it. I’ve slept in it for bedtime before but I really like being in bed with Mom best. I sleep sooooo good with my own blanket and pillow! Mom says not everybody likes sharing a bed, but I’m hoping maybe you do?

Car rides and errands are the best! And this thing called “Chillin” mom says, I’m great at! I’ve mastered giving good hugs, too!

Will you be my BFF?!! If you think you’re up to it please fill out and application and request me, (Bubbles). Application link


11 Years Old
Sliver Fox Flashy Fawn
Create Trained
House Trained
Great on a Leash
Not Dog or Cat Friendly
Fostered in Happy Valley, OR

Bentley is a lover of every person he’s ever met. He enjoys slow walks, especially at the park and has wonderful leash skills.

Bentley is not a fan of other dogs being close to him. When he’s on a walk he’s perfectly content to ignore the other dogs as long as they keep away.

This good o’boy is quiet and content in a crate, and has fantastic house manners–only needing to be crated if there is another dog in the household.

He loves to follow me around “helping” me do chores. His happiest time of day is our evening snuggle time, I sit with him on his giant dog bed and rub his chest.

He is looking for a caring, loving home to call his own in his golden years.

Adoption application


9 years young
Spay Female
Crate Trained
Big and small dog friendly
Big and small human friendly
Fostered in Spokane, WA

What do I have in common with whiskey, jeans, cheese, balsamic vinegar, wine and leather you ask? We all get better with age! I am a straight up Cali girl that found herself wandering the streets alone before someone picked me up and took me to a shelter. Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue saw I was there and just couldn’t pass me by. They too, knew I was something special.

I was extremely sick and I went to see a veterinarian to receive much needed medical attention. After a few days I felt more up to traveling all the way north to Washington. My next chapter starts there. I feel better than ever now that I am loved and in a home. These bones like the softer things in life like squishy beds, couches and laps. I curl up in the tightest little ball, but only after I spin like a ballerina ten times.

I am certainly not one to lay around hour after hour like some seniors. I like to go for strolls around the neighborhood. I am fabulous on a leash. It’s almost as if I am not even there. It’s safe to say I am like a shadow. I am a wonderful companion and enjoy hanging out in the yard with you. My hearing is not what it used to be, but I hang out so close to you, you won’t need to speak loudly. I also enjoy breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner and desert. I am not one of those salad and water kind of gals. Life’s too short!

My body wears scars on it like tattoos of my past. I am growing hair in some places, but other spots will simple remain bald and only I know why they got there. I am full of life and can perform a “boxer burn” just as good as any youngster. I even have some youngster behaviors such as counter surfing. Best to keep me crated while away from home. I don’t mind, every old lady likes some time to herself.

I am what humans call “easy going” to say the least. I come offering smiles, comfort and companionship. I have a heart of gold and want to give it all to you for the rest of my days. I think it is time to start a new chapter in my book of life. I can’t wait to include you!
Love, Leslie

Adoption application


1.5 Years Old
Boxer Mix
Long Tail
Dog Friendly
Cats unknown
Fostered in Vancouver, WA

Hi there! Y’know the Fremont bridge? Yeah, they named it after me because that’s how stellar I am. I’m a young boy, so it may hurt your heart just a tad when I confess that I spent a total of fourteen months in a shelter. I was still a puppy, and in some ways, I still am. I lost a lot of valuable training time when I was there. As such, I’ve invested in a wonderful trainer (my foster mom), and to make sure I didn’t waste my allowance, I’m looking for someone who will continue my training with me. I’m already crate trained but am still mastering the art of walking on a leash (it’s harder than you think). Don’t worry though, the rest is pretty easy. I can make friends with all sorts of dogs and I even take corrections from other dogs and redirection from my foster mom/trainer pretty well. I’m treat motivated too! My only other preference is that I’m in a home with older kids as I jump at times and don’t want to hurt anyone on accident. Another thing I need is reminders about going potty outside. When you have lived in a shelter for 14 months it’s hard to remember that part. Wanna take a chance on me? I promise I won’t disappoint! (they named a bridge after me, after all)

Adoption application


9 Years Young
Crate Trained
Working on Relearning House Manners
Fawn w/ Gray Mask
Fostered in Ephrata, WA

Howdy all, Hashbrown here! You can call me Hashy for short. Sit back, relax, and allow me to share a bit about myself…
Let’s get the most important stuff out of the way first; I LOVE food (hence my name), people, and dogs of all sizes! I also enjoy walking beside you on a leash and am a good listener. My foster mom gave me a special doggie bed and I think sleepovers are just the best; sometimes my black lab buddy and I will snuggle in together. Basic manners are no problem for me – I’m such a gentleman. I guess I am still trying to work on the whole “sharing is caring” bit though. Not to worry, I’m a fast learner! Whenever my foster mom is busy or out of the house, I’ll hang out quietly in my crate. If you’re up for a buddy though, I do love car rides. Speaking of… I would love to ride in the car with you! It’ll be great doing many other things together in my forever home. See you soon!

Adoption Application


5 Years Old Dog Selective (it’s complicated)
Good w/Dog Savvy Cats
Crate and Leash Trained
Basic Obedience
Fostered in Portland, OR

Franklin here… no, I didn’t give myself that name. You see, these people had to change my name. Didn’t have a choice. I was born and raised a California boy, spending my days roaming the streets, riding my Harley. But one day, I got picked up by the wretched shelter, and my buds left me for dead. I spent some time there before Wigglin’ Home busted me out, and we ran and ran for fourteen hours up to Washington where I’ve been laying low for a while, and where they named me Franklin. That name is really growing on me. I’m pretty good around other dogs, but not those that get all up in my face. We’ve had some turf wars back in the day in Cali, and I just haven’t got it in myself to forgive the species. I’m good in a crate, perfect on a leash, and I know basic obedience. I’m looking for some fun and cuddles, none of that bad-boy independence like back in California. I think I would really prefer a nice quiet home to relax and retire in. My past is behind me, and I’m just looking for something nice. If you fit the bill, fill out an application today!

Adoption Application


5.5 Years Old
Deaf (knows some hand signals)
Dog Friendly
Good with Dog Savvy Cats
Older Children Recommended
Fostered in Renton, WA

Hi, my name is Sunshine, and my foster mom calls me Sunny. I do not hear either name because I’m deaf. I do see how her mouth moves when she smiles at me and how her eyes crinkle when she says my name, so I know she likes me and is talking to me, which makes me wiggly and happy. If you need me to do something, I know some hand signals and am very willing to learn more. I’m very eager and motivated by love and food, more about that in a bit. Being deaf helps me be more observant, so I’ll watch you more closely. Eventually, I’ll be able to understand all your body language and subtle cues. I will often come looking for you if you’ve left the room while I was snoozing, I’ll check your normal places, nosing open doors, and sniffing for your scent until I find where you’ve gone. You’ll find I crave schedules, structure, and repetition. In addition to being an observant watcher, my sense of smell is amazing. I can smell food and crumbs from a mile away. My foster mom calls me a carpet picker, whatever that means. I just know the vacuum isn’t needed when I’m around. I am full of energy and I love to run around the yard and do zoomies and jump over anything in my way. My foster mom says I jump like a rabbit. I love sturdy and indestructible toys, more on that in a bit, and play hard. I have two foster fur brothers that are dogs and two more foster fur brothers that are cats. I’m learning their body language and we are having fun playing. Sometimes, I’ll misunderstand their communication, but we always make up with lots of kisses. Now my fur cat brothers are a different story. I did try to play with them, but they hiss at me even though I am not doing anything. I was recently in a very bad place. I was starved and my tummy hurt even though I was getting food. Eating hurt and made me cranky and I was still starving for more and then I was puking. This was a dire time; I love food, I want food all the time—I want your food, my food, my brothers’ food. I want it all. Foster mom here, Sunshine’s food issues stem from the fact that at some point she actually ate a nice big shiny rock. It likely was in her tummy for weeks. Who knows why. She might have been plying with it as a toy or she might have thought it was food. When WHBR brought her into our care, we learned quickly that something was not right and got her the medical attention she needed. The rock had finally moved from her stomach to her intestinal tract and was blocking all nutrition. As you can understand, the pain and hunger has really shaped her relationship with food. You will need to work hard for her to help her reshape that relationship. This also means protecting her from objects that are small enough to be swallowed—shiny rocks, small toys, even your small belongings. The adoption team will have very specific instructions you’ll need to follow to help keep Sunshine safe and to help her change her relationship with food. As you get to know this beautiful girl, you will be inspired by her love of life, intelligence, depth of love, and inquisitive nature.

Adoption Application


4 Years Old
Big/small dog friendly
Fostered in Sandy, OR

Hi everyone! Nella is my name and I’m here to tell you that wonderful things really do come in small packages! I’m a very petite girl with a gentle spirit. I don’t remember much about my old life except that I had lot of puppies. When WHBR found me, I was in a shelter and it was loud. I was lonely, sick and scared. Now, my new life is GREAT – I have medicine, lots of good food, and am surrounded by love. I haven’t had many experiences in life so I’m a little shy at first whenever I meet new people. New situations can be fearful for me and I get anxious. My foster parents have been great about introducing me to lots of things and showing me that I will be safe and no one will hurt me. I enjoy car rides and walking around dog-friendly stores. I live with several dogs (who are all bigger than me) and I get along with all of them. They are teaching me about having fun. We play chase and do lots of zoomies. I don’t understand toys yet but I’m sure I will someday! The neighbors have little dogs, cats, chickens, a bunny, and a horse; I think they are all pretty cool. My insecurities get to me sometimes, so I like my foster mom to be close by – she calls me her “velcro girl”. I’m not sure what that means but she smiles when she says it so it must be good. My favorite thing is snuggling! I will sit next to you or on your lap for as long as you let me. At night I’d really like to cuddle next to you, and because I’m so little, there is plenty of room in the bed for both of us. I am learning to sleep by myself in my kennel sometimes. Speaking of kennels, I eat in my kennel and will spend time in there quietly when you want me to. I hope someone out there thinks my eye patch is so cool and my head tilt is so adorable that they will want me to be their very own little boxer girl forever! A note from Nella’s foster: Nella is a little angel who will become a perfect addition to almost any home. She has made good progress in learning to trust people; her fear and anxiety are slowly lessening. She is very quiet and has not barked since she has been at our home, but as she continues to gain confidence, this may come. She craves attention and love and walks like a dream on a leash. She is so easy to fall in love with – if she’s the one for you, fill out an application soon as she will be adopted quickly! Adoption application

Mr. Banks

9 Years Old
Crate Trained
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Kid Friendly
Cooped Chickens Okay
Basic Obedience
Requires a Low Fat Limited Ingredient Diet
Fostered in Sweet Home, OR

My name is Mr Banks, but mom just calls me Banks. I like it too! I prefer the one syllable name and come right away to it when I’m called. My past family ran into hard times and thought it would be better to place me with WHBR, and let them find me just the right family to live out my golden years. So, here I am taking application and looking for just the right fit. Maybe that’s you, I don’t know. I’m nine years old and past all that puppy business, only remaining a puppy at heart. I’m a laid back kinda guy and I come with great house manners. I won’t even get on the furniture, unless I’m invited. At night I sleep in my dog bed. When we are outside, I love running zoomies and I work at getting someone to chase me—it’s fun showing those youngsters what old guys are made of. I love the water; luckily my foster mom takes me to the lake, so I can go swimming—yes you heard me right—I like swimming, putting my face underwater, and blowing bubbles underwater. I get along with everyone in my foster home and there’re a lot of fur siblings. I’m living with four other Boxers, a Pug, two cats, and chickens. My foster mom’s grand babies also come to visit. I’m a little head shy and it takes me a minute to trust strangers, but after that I’ll be your bestie. I don’t like change—yep, a tad set in my ways, so I want a schedule and structure in my forever home. Meals need to arrive on time and be followed with a nap ;). Once, we get to know each other, I will love you forever and be your loyal companion. I’m happy going on walks or just hanging and watching movies. I’ll let my foster mom tell you a little bit, but not too much. I’ve got a little mystery to my story and you’ll have to come meet me to find out for yourself what it is. From day one Banks came into my home getting along with everyone and anybody, who has came through the door. As he mentions, he’s a lil’ head shy and doesn’t enjoy loud noises or quick movements. He’ll pull his head away from you if you move too quickly to pet him and startles at loud noises. Once, he’s learned he can trust you, he’s your forever friend. Because of his arthritis it’s a little hard for him to get into the sit position but he is always willing to do anything you ask of him. Banks loves the water and swimming, I have a kiddie pool and he’s always playing in it and enjoys the lake too. It’s crazy but he loves blowing bubbles underwater. Mr. Banks can be trusted home alone and also loves car rides, making a good co-pilot. If you’d like to find out more about this special guy fill out a application and come meet him, you won’t be disappointed. Adoption application


3 Years Old
Brindle & White
Crate Trained
Basic Obedience
Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
No Cats
Cooped Chickens Okay Allergies —Raw or Limited Ingredient Diet —CADI Allergy Injection (may be needed every 30 days)
Fostered in Sweet Home, OR

My name is Kofee, maybe because I kinda look like a delicious mocha and am sweet like one too. I love being with my people and was heartbroken at the loss of my family. Luckily, my foster home has so much love to give it’s helping my heart mend. My foster mom says, I’m ready to find my forever family now so I can share all my love with them, so I need to tell you about me. I’ve got some allergy issues, so I’m told a raw diet or limited ingredient diet is for me. I just know both taste great. I also get a shot every 30 days or so. They say it’s Cadi. I just know it hurts, so it better be followed up with a treat. You’ll need to converse with the people about this, the details make my head spin. The good news, I don’t itch as bad. In my foster home there are four Boxers, one Pug, two cats, some chickens, and the human grand babies who come visit. I’ve become best friends with everyone except the cats. Mom thinks I may have had some bad experiences with the cats, because I’m not nice to them and she’s afraid I will hurt them. So we agreed I shouldn’t live with cats. With everyone else big or small, I do great. I love walks, playing ball—oh boy! do I love my ball! We can play fetch forever. I really like being with my humans all the time cuddling, loving, playing, hanging out, car rides, the lake—wherever. I’m just not comfortable being by myself, my foster mom thinks I worry too much and maybe worried that my family won’t come back again. To help me along while I settle, someone home most of the time and a fur siblings may help me adjust faster when you have to be away. Outside, I enjoying chasing my foster brother around the yard and laying on a blanket under tree in the shade after playing. I’m a great face-washer too, I have fun licking sweets off the faces of the grandkids. I have to be so gentle because one of them is only 11 months old and very tiny. When I picked up Kofee, he was so scared and sad. His world was turned upside down. He had just lost the family he knew his entire life. I told him his foster home would be okay, he’d be safe and everyone would welcome him with open arms or paws. After arriving and a lil’ reassuring, he has relaxed and has gotten to know everyone in the house. We discovered he has a huge heart and is the sweetest boy ever! As he mentions above, he does love being with his humans and would likely do best in a home where someone is home more than not. Kofee loves his ball, going to the lake, or chillin’ in the house with you. He is great on the leash and looks forward to walks. Please help me find this great loving, sweet-heart of a guy a Furever family. Share his bio, pass this on, or fill out a application and come meet him.

Adoption application

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